Is Money More Important Than Family

Assalamualaikum everyone. I am a daughter and now, a wife. I had been married for quite some time but lately I’ve been praying to Allah to please shorten the lives of my parents in law.

I never thought that I would wish that upon anybody. This year is one of my toughest years of marriage. My husband and I do not have a child yet and my husband got an offer to work in a rural area.

So, he begged me to stop working and be a housewife. I agree mainly because since PKP, I can’t bear to undergo another round of LDR.

Since I am a housewife and do not have a child. My parents in law kept saying how I am a nuisance to my husband and have no purpose of being a housewife when I am childless. They kept saying how their son can’t give them money because of me.

This is where my husband stormed out of their house with me and we talked in the car. He is very shocked that his own mother would utter such words since she is a former “ustazah”.

We sat in the car for a while and then, he walked inside of his parents house and they continued to bicker. The only thing I could do was call my mum. She calmed me down while I was bursting my eyes out.

After that incident, it just got worse. My parents in law just opened a convenience store in our part of town and said that we will be in charge. My husband is already occupied with his work but because he’s a doting son, he complied and worked at night.

The business was a disaster. They set up a shop without any knowledge and the shop ended up having a decrease in sales.

But in my opinion, it is normal since we are still new but they put these unrealistic expectations that our sales should be increasing and never to decrease.

My parents-in-law start to come to my house almost every week to keep an eye on the store. They literally just sit and eat while watching the workers at work. Then they’ll be back at my house and saying nasty things to me.

Just last week I found out they were telling our friends and customers how useless we are, especially my husband, for not giving them money and they kept calling him ungrateful.

I was appalled to hear it from my staff and friends. They were down grading their son who literally works his butt off for their store.

He doesn’t even want that store but his parents being the “business genius” forced him to work there without pay or less than RM500 a month. They are ungrateful for saying that and for those who ponder if my husband is a terrible son as they said….

He is absolutely not. He paid for their bills which is at least 300. He paid for their car (around 800) and he paid for their business loans that are over 1k and they are still saying that he does not do enough??? They are heartless, I tell ya.

He had debts since they could not afford to send him to uni, so he had to borrow the money and they didn’t care about that. All they care about is that it is never enough.

What makes me utter the “I wish you guys would die a.s.a.p! ” words?

This is because a few days ago I could hear them arguing outside my house and I was shocked that they asked for my mother’s number so that they could tell my mother that we need to be divorced since my husband can’t repay them.

All my husband has ever do is to make them happy but it is never enough. 

They chose money over the happiness of their own children. They chose to break us up so that they could have all the nafkah that i have (which is not as much as he’s giving them but I’m okay).

I am truly disgusted with his parents. They should not be called parents and for someone who always utter Allah’s name and wears a kopiah 24/7, I am truly disappointed that they have no trust in Allah. They did not believe that Allah is the provider.

They have no respect over me, over my husband who did everything that they ever wanted all his life. They have a home, 3 businesses, food on the table but it is never enough for these people.

I truly hope they change but honestly I don’t think they will ever change and to live like that until they die is just a useless thing. Money is just temporary in this dunya.

I am someone’s daughter, I am loved by my family and my family loves my husband too. They are the opposite of his parents.

I am not a piece of garbage that deserves to be thrown away because of money. I am a person who has no power over when I will have kids or when my husband can have more money. What I know is that I am loved by my parents and husband.

Everything here is temporary but I just pray that they will make it easier for my husband.

I am so sad for him. He tried his best to be a good husband and a good provider and except for his parents, he is a very good husband and man. Everyone could see it but why cant his parents? His own blood?

– Someone’s daughter (Bukan nama sebenar)

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