Homosexuality . It’s a very big issue right now. Not the issue that we can just ignore. It should be one of the humanity major concern. The parties involved in this matter; the supporter and the protester. Frankly speaking, I fall into the second category. But I want to also mention, I do not hate these LGBT individuals . One of my closest friend is gay, and I still love and care for him. Why I still love and care for him, because he’s also human , deserved to be respected, love and care. What I hate is just his act of gayness. Not him. My mom’s adopted daughter is lesbian, but still my mom care for her . Both of her parents, her eldest sister (all her loved ones) had died. And I know how she(my mom) truly dislikes her (the adopted daughter) act of homosexual. In this writing I will try to explain why I disagree with the idea of homosexuality.

The first point that I want to emphasize is that it is medically and scientifically unnatural in aspect of reproduction . Note that , reproduction is the key action of species survival . In nature, reproduction is a disposition. Organism of same species are naturally attracted to the opposite sex , this is what we called natural tendency . Basically in biology of all organisms , we have a few categories of gender; male, female , neutral (organism that reproduce asexually e.g bacteria, archaea) and hermaphrodite ( organism that have the ability to alternate/change their sex , when there is inexistence of opposite sex in the environment usually because they are slow-moving ; considering the occurrence of heterosexual relationship e.g snails and slugs). As human , we fall into the male and female category. No chance for us of being hermaphrodite ( we can move here and there quite fast), and definitely no chance for us to be neutral in gender (no study had reported that human can asexually reproduce). Homosexual reproduction is impossible in nature. Therefore , I found it is not something we can support. If homosexuality is a nature thing, what’s the point of human created into male and female. The God had created for every male, there’s female to complete them inside out, to be the precious partner (our other half), to grow a family with them ( scientifically to reproduce ensuring the survival of the species).

Allowing homosexuality is equal to denying the importance of heterosexual union. If homosexuality is allowable, what will happen if all human choose to become a homo. We can expect no future , no children, nothing. In medical microbiology, it is proven that having homosexual intercourse especially man-to-man sex spread STD pathogen efficiently. Some might said heterosexual relationship can also spread STDs, this occurred mainly because of the practice of keep changing partners. Not because of THE heterosexual relationship.

Some might also say reproduction is not an issue, there’s a lot of orphans and out of wedlock children out there. Same sex couple can always make adoption. It’s a good act though, taking an extra good care to the parentless children. That’s indeniable. But let’s look at in the perspective of the child who raised in the same sex marriage. Wouldn’t they be confused ? Numerous questions came up at their developing mind. Why I have two moms or two dads? Who is my biological mom/dad? Why my friend has a mom and a dad? And so many other questions. This made the little kid more and more confused. Eventually they will end up being stressed out and depressed figuring out what’s right or wrong. This may led them to mental illnesses or maybe behavioural disorders. Furthermore, the ideal environment for children to grow up is with both of their mother and father. In same sex marriage, children cannot differentiate the motherly figure and the fatherly figure quite well thus making them difficult to understand the basic important aspect of human life.

Supporter might also said , “It is a love between two individuals, what is wrong with that?”. Love can build but love can also destroy. If we don’t control it, it will destroy things. What happen if a married man fall in love with another woman (having affair) , is it a good act for him to divorce his loving and caring wife? It’s still love. What if a kidnapper love the person, he/she kidnapped and the person love them back? Is it a right thing to fall in love with your kidnapper, even the kidnapper had hurt, abuse you? It’s still love. In this situation (kidnapping) , we called it Stockholm Syndrome, we quickly classify it as mental disorder. Why we don’t classify homosexuality as mental disorder? Homosexuality brought more harm than good. Not only to the couple (unable to have heir, having STDs, potentially trying to behave against the sex-oriented habitual, depression, suicidal behaviour etc), but also to the social surrounding i.e spreading the vibes, confusing the little children, more spread of STDs, may also spark hatred and much more. For me, all these act I mentioned in this very paragraph is not love but lust. We barely can differentiate between them. If you can’t control your love , it will become lust.

Line separating between the good and bad had become thinner and thinner. There are so much grey area. Accepting and embracing homosexuality disturb and disrupt the balance of the world. If same sex relationship is allowable nowadays, we can expect the sexual relationship between man and animal is do-able and allowable in future. No more ethics. No more morality. No more humanity.

Before I ended , I beseech and plead those who involved with this kind of relationship or supporting it, please re-evaluate yourself and ask yourself whether what you have done is correct or not regarding this issue. Please don’t be selfish, just because of your own happiness and pleasure, you’re trying to endanger our life and future . You might say to me , ignore us if you don’t like our lifestyle or way of life , let us be alone, we didn’t disturb you . For your information , I cannot ignore you. You are affecting, disturbing, manipulating the good and the bad for my children life in future. I cannot left you alone, because we are all together living in this world and you are disturbing my security to be with my same sex friend fearing that they may see me with sexual lust and pleasure. Your action will always affect others. Learn from what happen to Pompeii, people of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Dead Sea. Homosexuality cannot be allowed to fly like a free bird.
Your fellow Earth folks.

– Earthian

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