Again with Nikah Siam

Assalamualaikum guyz and girlz.

Lately ada baca posts fasal kahwin dekat siam – Miss N dengan reply to Miss N :DD so i figured this would be beneficial if to others who are thinking of kahwin dekat Siam. Because kira aku senior korang. Lulz.

Yezza, aku kahwin kat thailand to be specific Islamic Committee of Songkhla. Apa yang aku percaya ialah: Setiap benda yang kita buat ada kesan , ada consequences and we have the choice to do something and not do something. The thing about me is that aku kahwin kat sana atas masalah keluarga (malas cte, use your imagination).

At that moment, I consulted some people, meaning lecturers and others about my decision. Some said yes some were skeptical. Mainly what you need to do is RESEARCH about it. So we were given some options – like the good and the bad and calculated our decision based on it.

Last year, we got married. The government does not encourage this kind of behaviour kahwin dekat siam, thats why when you want to register your marriage, you kena go down to court and after the judge ruled that your marriage is not fake (sebab byk syndicate kt situ) baru u get the Malaysian Marriage Certificate and pay denda -1k max.

Believe me, it was hard to legalize your marriage. Because of the barrier – that its not encouraged by the society. What I am saying is that kalau u pilih that jalan, you kena face the music lah.

Semua orang ada reason dea sendiri . Okay, memang betol lah kan kita tak boleh belakangkan parents kita ? It does not give a justification of our behaviour. But due to circumstances, and macam dalam Islam, bapa kalau anak nak kahwin dea tak boleh ckp no. If the guy/girl is good. And actually, kalau bapa taknak kahwinkan @ halang anak dea from marrying someone, you can appeal to court utk mintak wali hakim yang nikahkan . But that’s a lengthy process and cost $$$$. So ramai yang op for the easy way out.

Alhamdulilah, case aku bukan macam kakak tu yang kahwin dekat siam , sampai kena marah dengan mak mertua dea blah blah blah .

My story is that I’m okay with my husband’s family. Maybe because I bagithu reason kenapa kita buat macam ni.. My hubby before kahwin with me takbalik rumah jugak because ada problem dengan mama dea. But now, Alhamdulillah, everything is fine. My MIL baik :’)

As for me, i could not forgive my mama for leaving me and going back to her husband after HE divorced her. I memang not under good terms with her. But now… I am okay with her .

Our life is okay because we were lucky . Lucky in a sense that eventhough we did something out of society’s values, we were still accepted by our mothers and thats the most imporatant thing.

Stigma pasal kahwin kat siam ni is very much alive among Malays. Kahwin Siam is bad.
Kahwin Siam is bad.
Kahwin Siam is bad.
Kahwin Siam is bad.

Do you know that approximately 50 couples from malaysia dtg thailand just to kahwin? What you can do is not judge the people who did this, you are not them, you dont live their lives and everyone and anyone who knows me respects my decision . Alhamdulillah

So what you can do it increase your knowledge in this issue. I tak cakap that it’s the right thing to do, but if you wanna do it. Think twice , think thoroughly ok? :’)

Try and search for other options kalau boleh. And ask yourself if i do this, am i patient enough to survive its consequences?

What I want to say is kahwin kt siam does not always lead to bad endings. Just look at Ashraf Muslim dengan Si Sakinah tu (even though not a good example –’) tapi tgok macam bahagia.

Lots of Love <3

– F


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