hijab or no hijab

Ever heard of the "i dont wear hijab but im a freakin nice person" argument? Uhh girl, sorry to burst your bubble but you're not some special snowflake getting a free pass to defy god's law with your self proclaimed title, you just sound arrogant acting as if you've done ENOUGH good deeds in the world to dodge the hellfire.
Those who advise girls to wear their hijabs are supposedly some 'judgemental freaks' in your eyes but you throwing the word 'disgusting' at those people is just ummm…a 'description'? Congrats, you're so classy! Here's a tiny piece of cloth to hide your face.
I'll use an analogy just incase no one has a single clue on what im trying to say.
Let's pretend you are illegally driving a car because you don't have a valid driver's licence and being a bad luck brianna you are, an officer caught you! I bet (not literally ofcourse) on my great grandma's expired bread that you'll be pissing in your palazzo pants before you can spit your "i have no driver's licence but im the most responsible and harmless human being on earth" excuse after getting slapped with a ticket.
Covering your aurah is not an option, it is your obligation, just like how you are obligated to follow the man-made laws of your country except you won't have god come knocking at your door and be like, "you went out without hijab this morning didn't you?".
"But I havent see the 'light'…" You're willing to pay the electricity bills to light your house, but you're not even going to put effort to find the precious 'light' which is unsurprisingly f.o.c!
Lastly, while it's true covering aurah =/= good muslim, but does a good muslim defy god's law? This shouldn't even be a question to be honest. That's just as bad as someone trying to convince me a well-exposed fly-infested food to be very hygienic right in my face, it's just ridiculous.
If admin doesn't post this then girl, bye.

– iObserve


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  1. I’ve seen countless hijab wearers act like scum of the earth. If you wear a hijab it doesn’t make you an angel. Just as Allah mentioned in the Quran that you don’t have the right to judge people, only he does. It doesn’t seem you truly follow what the Quran says, do you?

    My family comes from a background of wearing hijab religiously, I can’t even tell you the crimes they’ve done. You can have you perceptions but I have to say, the way you express it makes it seem like you’re trying to act as enforcer, which is, sorry to say this, but disgusting to me.

    A true Muslim stays strong to their own faith and loves. You can preach the word of Allah, you can teach and advise, but you have no right at ALL, to be judging and looking down on those that don’t reach your standards. Let alone act like an arrogant brat who has a supremacy complex towards people who they perceive as less favoured by Allah compared to themselves.

    I pray for you and all the other ” true Muslims” that think like this, I hope you see the error in your ways. This is just throwing dirt onto our religion.

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