#lifegoals katanya

Semalam pagi I made a call to CERDAS pertaining the pre-marriage course, if it is possible to book/register via phone call.

Sister in-charge tu suruh pergi office to register, sebab ada forms kena fill in and what not. So before I hang up, I did ask.. berapa ramai dah register? Dia kata 77 (I was like..wow banyak jugak). And I asked again.. whats the limit? Dia jawab 250 (tak silap. I went..oh banyak lagi. Ok)

Excited tau bagitau my friend (sebab we have been eyeing for this, as our biological clock is ticking). Later that day at around 450 pm, I hurriedly went to CERDAS sebab semangat sangat nak register. ‘I am here to register the pre-marriage course….’ Sister tu reply ‘its already full’ Serious ke penuh within a few hours? Penat je rush dari office nak kejar course tu, through the rain and traffic (wpon tak boleh masuk dalam resume lol)

My thoughts here: betul ke budak2 UIA ni lifegoals getting married and till jannah because bercinta lepas nikah is so indah? Laku sangat macam goreng pisang.

When is the next pre-marriage course btw?

– Meow


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