Scam – Clique Card

Assalamualaikum guys

Just now I got a call for a company claiming that I can get a discount card – Clique Card. This card can provides me discount like 20% at most of outlets etc. She asked how old I am and what am I doing now like study or working. Then she asked me my card numbers (the one written at the front face of card) and I tried to fool her by telling wrong number but she knows that my numbers I told her is wrong and she mentioned my numbers should be like the one she said and I was corrected by her and she asked my confirmation for the numbers.

Then she told all the details about the discount I will get and she said the call is recorded to ensure the security and if I ask for the recording she can send me via email to make me believe this is not a scam.

And after that she asked my IC numbers (during this time I think this is not right because asking IC numbers from people is basically a scam) and asked me for confirmation of my details like my address, phone numbers, email and so on for the data and for posting the discount card to my house.

Then she said there's a payment for a package where the package can give me like a vacation etc. And it costs RM499 and the payment is automatically from my account. So I ask her can I don't want to pay RM499. She said every customer need to pay since it's the process and if the payment is successful, they will message us. How it can be successful or unsuccessful? I asked her. It's depend on my money in my account. If it's more than RM500 so the payment will successful. If not, they will try it later. During this time I asked her what if I don't want to pay, or my account is like RM0 in my account? He said (they changed the people talking this time) they will try until it's successful so this means it's forced payment! So I rushed to the ATM and withdrawn all money I have in the account. Luckily there's nothing changed at my money balance that time.

Then he called and I said I don't want that card and cancel it and he talked angrily like what else did you don't understand we told everything at first but I said you never said about payment at the first place and later the first staff called me call me again and I said cancel it. Then she said if the payment not successful, then you can apply for cancellation later at customer service. And I asked for the recording call and make it cancel for the card.

And until now there's no message I get and no call at all. Hope everyone don't believe this kind of person or card or anything like this. Their target right now are students. Beware my friends!

– Kena tipu


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