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I am an international student currently studying here in IIUM Gombak. I don't hide the face that i am looking for a partner and am aware of interest from some girls. They make their interest visible to me, however when i approach them, everything changes. Before i show any interest, they would find any reason to talk to me and get to know me. It is after i show interest that they completely change.

As soon as i ask their number and start a conversation, it becomes awkward really quick. I start the conversation 2-3 times to spark the interest again, but then it just dies off. I don't message them after that because i don't want to annoy them. The thing is, i am almost sure that they are interested. Why do they act like that?

Almost every single one of them tells me to greet them when i see them on campus and to remember their name. But why do they distant themselves from me so quick. Do they think that they have no chance with me? Do they perceive that i am hard to get?

Well, i am not hard to get. Just be confident and believe in yourself. All u have to do is just show SOME interest and talk to me, don't just start acting weird. If u like me, don't hide it, don't be shy to show it, because u will have regrets all ur life. And no, there is nothing wrong with u girls texting first, nothing wrong. If i like someone, i will tell them, because i don't want to have regrets.

I know that u think u are annoying me by messaging me, Well, YOU DONT ANNOY ME AT ALL. If u want to get to know me more, shoot me a text saying 'Hi', That's it.

The moral of the story, don't be shy, let people know what u think.

– {Unknown}


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